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Upraised provides you with the ultimate solutions for your recruitment. We are more focused on evaluation using cognitive or task-based parameters to map the candidates to the job roles and rank them according to their suitability.
This is a place where no talent goes unlooked. Here, we value your skill and expertise over your resume.
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AI enabled cognitive evaluation
We have pre-set assignments for each profile which can be parsed to the applicants and are rated on accuracy by our AI solution
Recruit in 3 easy steps
Remove the hassle of multi-step effort and recruit hassle free with us
Assistive HR
Switch to our customized solutions and leave the end to end recruitment to us with our virtual HR service.
Ranking on percentage match
Get an informative dashboard with the ranking of the applicants graded by the AI on their aptitude and cognitive skills
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Why Choose Us?

Leave your recruitment worries and hassles behind with us, let our AI engine take that headache

Hire in 3 easy steps

Post screen and onboard with our solutions

Hassle free

Remove the hassle of manual screening

Assistive HR

Leave the end to end recruitment to us with our virtual HR service.

AI enabled cognitive evaluation

Get a deeper insight into the candidate beyond their resume

Virtual HR mode

Virtual dedidcated HR manager to address your hiring needs

Competitive pricing model

Get your recruitment done at affordable prices

At upraised you can